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Social Skill of the Week

Following Directions:

The steps are:
1. Look at the person.
2. Say or think, "okay."
3. Do what is being asked right away.
How have you used this skill this week? How did it go?


The steps are:
1. Look at the person who is talking and remain quiet.
2. Wait until the person is through talking before you speak.
3. Show that you heard them by nodding your head, saying "okay," "That's interesting," etc.

Using Appropriate Voice Tone:

The steps are:
1. Listen to the level of voices around you.
2. Change your voice to match.
3. Watch and listen for visual or verbal cues and adjust your voice as needed.

Accepting No

The steps are:
1. First, look at the person.
2. Then, say "ok."
3. Stay calm.
4. If you disagree, ask later.

Getting the Teacher's Attention

Here are the steps:
1. Look at the teacher.
2. Raise your hand calmly.
3. Wait to be acknowledged.
4. Ask questions or make requests in a calm voice.

Disagreeing Appropriately

Here are the steps:
1. Look at the person.
2. Use a pleasant voice (stay calm).
3. Tell why you feel differently.
4. Give a reason.
5. Listen to the other person.